Aatma Nirbhar Covicoat: The journey towards a better future

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August 7, 2020

We all are aware of the situation of pandemic and also realize the increasing demand for different disinfectants and sanitizers in order to reduce the harmful transmission of coronavirus. Looking at the present condition we have come up with our product “COVICOAT™” disinfectant.

Aatma Nirbhar COVICOAT™ : The journey towards a better future emphasizes on the emerging needs of sanitization and disinfection in this current scenario of covid-19. The idea behind promoting this concept is to eradicate the transmission of coronavirus from one person to another. And in this new era of emerging cleaning and hygienic needs, COVICOAT™ has occupied a vital role in the area of disinfecting.

COVICOAT™ is EPA approved disinfectant, which is 100% biodegradable and is recognized by Government Research Institute. It works as a protection shield which helps in eliminating the germs and their impact. With the increasing effect of covid-19, people have also started realizing the need of safety measures, amongst which are disinfectants and sanitizers. As it becomes important for every individual to follow a healthy and hygienic lifestyle not only in their households but also at their workplace in order to keep the balance in their routine life.

As we all know that cleanliness is essential in our daily lives but it becomes a more important issue during the current situation of pandemic and in order to overcome our fight against covid-19, this disinfectant gives us the perfect blend of science based formula which is good for sanitizing and is also not at all harmful to use.

We can say that COVICOAT™ has started a journey on its own, which is going to bring significant changes in the hygienic factors in future and will motivate people to inculcate the usage of disinfectants for cleaning purposes which will make the surrounding clean and safe. The disinfectant is offering services to its customers as they understand the need of a healthy environment. Therefore, with just one application, one can have 100 days of self – disinfection at very reasonable prices. COVICOAT™ does not only provide its services in homes, but also in gyms, schools and offices.

The disinfectant also comes up with COVICOAT™-pro that provides 360degree surface protection performed by trained hygiene experts giving everyone quality and value services. Therefore, COVICOAT™ has been the new hygiene solution bringing in an impactful change in the future scenario and satisfying the on time needs of the customers in this time of pandemic.

Thus, the basic requirements of cleaning can be fulfilled with this one solution which is not only EPA approved and is very easy to use without causing any harm, anytime anywhere for a clean environment and will help win the battle against covid-19.

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