Hygiene : The 2020 Onwards Mantra

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July 6, 2020
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July 22, 2020

Whenever we speak of the term ‘Good Hygiene’, a picture flashes through our head. A  picture of clean and refreshing physical surroundings and/or that of confident and unblemished physical appearances. The visual antonym of this term would be “shabby” . The former gives one a sense of rejuvenation and positivity whereas the latter usually gives out a lazy & lethargic vibe. We stand in the day & age of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has all the more taught us how hygiene can be severely necessary in our personal lives in order to stay away from possible contractions with germs, viruses and various diseases. Having said that, I truly believe that Hygiene shall be the mantra towards a happy & healthy lifestyle in 2020 and onwards. This article elaborates on the same. 

So what does ‘Hygiene’ mean? 

Hygiene is the process of practicing cleanliness regularly conducive to health. In simpler words, hygiene is the practice of keeping oneself and one’s surroundings clean and liveable according to certain societal standards. Personal hygiene includes activities like bathing regularly, brushing your teeth, combing of hair, wearing clean clothes, etc. and domestic hygiene refers to keeping one’s surroundings clean. To mention a few – 

sanitisation of washroom floors, office desks, cleaning dustbins regularly, dry cleaning and 

disinfecting sofas & chairs, well kept kitchen slabs, etc. 

There are several day-to-day habits which ensure a person’s healthy and hygienic lifestyle. 

Some are listed below : 

* Close your toilet seat. The amount of germs that leak out from a toilet seat are unimaginable & severely potent. These germs must be kept away from human contact and thus, keeping away most chances of falling sick. 

* Wash your hairbrush. Due to the oil residue on them, hair brushes tend to attract germs more easily. This can result in bad head hygiene and possibilities of dandruff and lice which are disruptive for one’s head hygiene. 

* Sanitise your phone and laptop. An average person clicks their phone’s screen about 2600 times in a day. According to an interestingly popular study, cell phones have upto 10 times the germs than those on a toilet seat. 

* Using soap to clean yourself. Soap is the most convenient and effective way to get rid of the germs and visible dirt from one’s hands and body. Maintaining one’s hygiene is severely important especially in today’s day and age considering how its importance has now risen to saving lives. Sanitisation and disinfection are two proven methods of maintaining proper hygiene that can ensure one’s environment stays free of any contamination. 

There are also numerous societal reasons/benefits that should motivate people to practice the habits leading to greater personal health and hygiene. Some are discussed as follows : 

* More attractive to the opposite sex 

* Social acceptance from the members of society (at school, college, public places like offices etc.) Smelling bad and looking unwashed immediately sends across a negative impression. 

*Innumerable health benefits like disease prevention, no serious exposure to germs through cuts and wounds, etc 

* Massive psychological benefits. Portrays a great deal of confidence and higher self- esteem. 

Coronavirus’ effect on hygiene 

The coronavirus has affected the hygiene industry immensely, making businesses boom like never before. All the credit for this goes to people becoming more aware of the advantages of clean surroundings and hygienic habits. Two habits that seemed to peak during 2020 are hand hygiene and hygiene of frequently touched objects and surfaces. It has brought about behavioural changes in many households as it has now become a habit more than a mere compulsion. People are staying home and developing habits of cleanliness. They have been wearing masks, washing hands and keeping their surroundings clean more than ever. 

Why are we referring to it as ‘the 2020 onwards mantra’? 

The biggest reason for the boom in the hygiene industry & its practice is the awareness that has spread with the outbreak of Coronavirus. People have begun to realise that a hygienic lifestyle does not allow germs or bacteria to infiltrate into one’s surroundings, hence it is now declared a lifesaving practice We are on the path of developing a society with lesser or no contact, thus ensuring us of a more hygienic environment for both, living and working. 2020 has enhanced the habit of cleanliness and made it a mantra for the day-to-day lives of people all over the world. It has changed the way people see hygiene and trust us, this is just the beginning. 

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