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July 22, 2020
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August 7, 2020

As we are aware of the current situation of Covid-19, the states and cities have started to unlock. Therefore, it becomes essential for companies to implement upcoming strategies for the safety precautions before resuming their work. According to the CDC, Coronavirus may remain on the surfaces for hours to days, which makes it important to inculcate the sanitation needs in the daily routine.

When we talk about the safety of the employees in office, we realize that the most important factor of your organization is the health and safety of your employees. Though it may look daunting to adapt new workplace policies due to Covid-19, it’s vital to take necessary precautions for the safety of every individual. To ensure that your employees and facilities are well prepared for the post coronavirus work environment, one should establish a healthy work environment taking into consideration all the workplace safety manuals to eliminate the risk and reduce the germs transmission between employees in the workplace. 

Some of the key points that every workplace should keep in mind during the covid-19 impact are; Make sure that the workplace is clean and hygienic, following social distancing norms, promote regular hand washing initiative and promote good respiratory hygiene in the workplace and disinfection and sanitization.

Disinfection and sanitization being one of the key elements during the current scenario, helps in encouraging employees to maintain hygiene activities which can be done with the increased use of sanitizers and disinfectants. This will provide a safe working environment for every individual in their offices. Promoting disinfection will not only keep the surrounding clean but will also reduce the risk of transmission of virus from one person to another.  

Thus, it is advisable to follow appropriate sanitation and disinfection guidelines. As personal hygiene plays a very important role in the prevention of the virus spread, there are many other controlling factors that can be useful during this situation of pandemic in work environment such as hands-free door accessing, social distancing but most importantly, increasing use of disinfection and sanitization in increased touch-areas of workplace where there are possible chances of transmission of the virus, for which we come up with the best disinfectant solution COVICOAT™

Therefore, considering the situation that has made it difficult for employees to continue with their physical mode of working, it is necessary that they are being provided with the best possible safety measures in order to conduct their work physically from their actual workplace instead of virtual mode of working.  It is important that we schedule daily cleaning and disinfection to all those office surfaces that come in contact, frequently of the employees such as door handles, switch boards, desks, faucets etc. For the purpose of cleaning all these services, it is essential that we make use of US EPA – approved disinfectant during covid-19 and follow all necessary protection practices. 

And the best suited product that we all are looking for is, COVICOAT™; the best disinfectant which is not only 100% biodegradable but gives certified 100 days protection and is also registered under EPA, it is effective and tested by Government Research Institutes. COVICOAT™ offers services to its customers as per their requirement and understands the need of a healthy environment. Therefore, they have come up with a disinfectant that is effective with just one application, where one can have 100 days of self – disinfection at very reasonable prices. COVICOAT™ does not only provide its services in homes, but also in gyms, schools and offices.

The disinfectant also comes up with an exclusive service of COVICOAT™PRO that provides 360degree surface protection performed by trained hygiene experts giving everyone a quality and value service stating that this formula is completely safe and harmless, which requires only 10 minutes contact time and is easy to use anywhere anytime. 

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