July 16, 2020
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Starting from 2.00

  • FDA approved, ATP-ase measurement of areas 
  • Determine Germ Presence 
  • Risk of cross contamination
  • Your areas’ unique needs 
  • We dis-infect all surfaces using an electrostatic machine  
  • Complete 360 degree coating is performed 
  • Performed by trained Hygiene Experts 
    • Post treatment ATP check 
    • Certificate of validity
      • QR coded and Auditable 
      • Stickers to show your clients and employees
      • VISIBLE protection 

Repeat Testing at 30 – 45 days 

    • Repeat testing is done 
    • Report is generated 

Protect those closest to you. Home COVICOATINGS keep your family safe !

Securing your loved ones is of prime importance to manu of us. We offer special customised services residences as well including houses, home offices, farm houses. 

Some of the crucial areas we recommend include – 

  • Children’s rooms 
  • Homes with senior citizens 
  • Home with medically compromized residences eith Diabetes, Dialysis, Cancer patients, Asthmatics etc 

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