July 15, 2020
July 16, 2020
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Wondering how to get back to work after the pandemic ? Figuring ouT what steps you can take to earn the confIdence and dedication oF your employees ?

COVICOAT, provides the protection that you need to prevent the buildup of reservoirs of contagious infection. 

Why Bactibarrier coatings are the best protection for your office – 

  • Effectively stops the inter-personal spread of infection via common surfaces 
  • Coats and protects all surfaces including carpets, wood, metal, glass, tables, fabrics, walls and ceilings 
  • We send you a detailed two-monthtly report of your infection levels in all areas. 
  • 6 months of protection with a single application ( Proven) 
  • Scientifically proven and Certified 
  • FDA approved, ATP-ase measurement of areas
  • Determine Germ Presence 
  • Risk of cross contamination
  • Your areas’ unique needs 
  • We dis-infect all surfaces using an electrostatic machine  
  • Complete 360 degree coating is performed 
  • Performed by trained Hygiene Experts 
    • Post treatment ATP check 
    • Certificate of validity
      • QR coded and Auditable 
      • Stickers to show your clients and employees
      • VISIBLE protection 

Repeat Testing at 30 – 45 days 

    • Repeat testing is done 
    • Report is generated 


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